Looking for a dating app which is reliable and works best for getting you a date and is tired of using Tinder? If tinder isn’t working for you, there are so many other apps like Tinder. Were you searching for the same?

Well, if yes, scrolling down and reading ahead would help you for sure. Here we are discussing the 7 apps like Tinder. Best alternatives of tinder app.! Excited to read? Come, let’s scroll.

1. eHarmony

If you’re tired of trying your luck on other dating apps, check out eHarmony. Since the app works with a scientific approach to getting their users the perfect match, it might be a rare case if you don’t like your match. eHarmony is more of a dating platform rather than any hookup sites. They will match you with only those who have the higher chances of making the date work. It is one of the most trustworthy and reliable apps for making the dates into a long-term relationship. If you’re not looking for just a date but someone who can be with you for a long-term, try this app now.

2. Hinge

The hinge can be a perfect app for those who do not like talking with a complete stranger with no mutual connection. Unlike other apps on the list, Hinge will match you with the friends of your friends. Yes, so that you will not be stuck with someone totally unknown. For fetching these details, Hinge will be asking for your Facebook profile where they can find your friends of friends, your friends, 3rd-degree friends or some friends who have a connection with you and not totally stranger. This is perfect for those who have a crush on your friend’s friends but find it awkward to confess on the face.

3. Happn

Happn is quite similar to tinder. It focuses on real-life people more than the online long distance one. With the help of your phone’s GPS, they will find a profile of those people who cross your way. Also, you will be told how many times did they cross it. You can also get some charms on your profile which will be based on how many people are you inviting to the app. If you’re finding someone too cute on the app, you can use the feature crush to let them know how do you feel about them.

happn app

4. Plenty of Fish

If you like tinder but don’t want to spend money on using the app, you can try Plenty of Fish. It can be considered as an alternative to Tinder with some better features. As I told you just now, you can use it for free which makes it much better than tinder. Apart from this, you can also send unlimited texts to the one you like on this app. You can also check the profiles of them without letting them know unlimited times. It has more than 60 Million users all over the world. The app is good for those who live in UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Brazil or Australia.

5. Bumble

If a woman uses a dating app, her message box will get flooded with a lot of unwanted messages. However, if you use Bumble, you do not need to face this problem anymore. Yes, Bumble allows only a woman to start a conversation with who so ever she likes no matter what. You will be shown a profile and if you’re a lady, you can decide whether to go ahead with the person or not. If not, you can dislike them. But if yes, you can start the conversation ahead. But talking from a guy’s perspective, this app might not be much help for you as only a woman can choose and not a man.

6. Skout

If you’re not a dating person and wants a good friendship, you can use Skout as it focuses on both dating and talking casually. You will be shown the list of those who are near you and you can choose among them. If you don’t want someone near you, you can try people from different countries as well. And if it is also not working, you can try from different continent too. If both the person likes each other, they can start the conversation right now. But even if anyone shows dislike, the chat will be ended there only. Using Skout over tinder will give you a better choice for sure. If you like it, you can use the app for free.

skout app

7. Truly Madly

Even though the name sounds a bit cheesy, the app works well. Especially if you live in India, this is one of the best apps to use for dating. They will ask you some questions which you will have to answer and according to that, they will provide you with the possible best match. If you wish, you can also upload a video on your profile telling about you. It will help others to judge you better in terms of dating. For the security concerns, all the pictures and videos you will upload will be screenshot proof so it would not be misused anywhere. No one can either download or can a screenshot of the same. All over, it is also one of the best alternates of Tinder to use.

So these were the 7 best top alternatives of Tinder you can try using for getting a date. In many apps, the features are even better than what you get in Tinder. So yes, it is worth giving a try.

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