Best Android Task Manager

Best Android Task Manager Apps in 2018

Android is an interesting operating system and an efficient one at that, but still it does come with a few annoying issues that can make you go frustrated. One of the major issues one may come across can be the background issues that keep running sapping the precious resources. They can hog your resources and can cause havoc with your battery life. That is precisely why you would need a task manager that would kill the apps in the background. If you are facing memory issues on your Android device, use a task manager app and free up your resources with ease. We will check out a few excellent Android task manager apps you can opt for.

Best Android Task manager Apps in 2018

Well, let us clear out one thing first. Experts believe that you indeed do not need a task manager in Android as such. Android can handle its requirements on its own and free up the resources as it works through the different tasks it undergoes all day long. However, prior to Android Ice Cream Sandwich version, there wasn’t a way to control the behaviour of an app. They used to languish in the background killing your battery and resources. Post ICS, the situation has changed and as such you should not need an Android task manager app for your needs.

Even then, if you are running any of the old operating system versions or find your apps malfunctioning, or have to use a phone that is not rich in RAM – you would be forced to opt for one of these Android Task Manager apps for your needs. If you are one of those who needs an Android task manager keeping your device running faster, the apps featured here should be your best bet.

ES Task Manager

The app has over 10 million users worldwide. That in it should be a proof enough for the ability of the app. It has been treated as one of the excellent task killer apps for Android in 2018.

A few features that would make it an excellent Android task manager can be

  • A material design interface that would make it an interesting option.
  • It offers you a host of features and thus makes it an all in one application for your needs. It has a root explorer, file manager, and task manager – all bundled into one.
  • The app is completely free and offers you almost all the features you would expect in an Android task manager.
  • The app also lets you uninstall any of the apps you are not using right from the Task killer app itself.
  • You can add the apps you do not want to kill to the whitelist so that they would continue to work in the background.

If you found it interesting, download the free Android task manager from.

ES Task Manager


Greenify is indeed one of the excellent options in terms of the best Android task manager you can opt for. It is an app in sharp contrast to the other Android task managers in this list.

What makes it so different from the rest? Well, it does not kill your apps from the background but hibernates them. Hibernation is a state wherein the app will remain in a state that you left it and it will resume from there when you launch it again.

The features that would make it worth the attention would be

  • The Android task manager is completely unique with respect to its functionality.
  • It can work as a performance booster and a battery booster for your requirements.
  • The paid version provides additional features that would improve the functionality of the app further.

What makes it an essential app is the fact that unlike the other Android task manager apps, it does not need manual intervention. You can just select the apps you would want to hibernate when not in use by adding them to the list and that’s it – you are good to go and the app takes care of it.

Want to give it a try?


Advanced Task Killer

During the initial days of Android development, you have had the need for Android task manager apps for improved performance and battery usage. Android Task Killer was one of the most prominent task killers back then.

It hasn’t lost its charm even now, though the frequency could be a little lower. Some of the best features of the app are –

  • Simple and easy to use functionality
  • It offers you both the basic and advanced functionality in terms of task management.
  • You can use the auto kill option or opt for auto kill option.
  • You may put the apps in ignoring list if you do not want to kill an app.

Find the app and further information on…

Advanced Task Killer

Smart Task Manager

Previously known as the Android Task manager, it has now been renamed to Smart Task Manager. In fact, it would work in the same manner as any of the task managers you might have used.

Here are a few features that would make it one of the excellent options can be

  • One of the top end free Android task manager for your task killing needs.
  • It shows you the real status of your tasks and lists the CPU and RAM being used by each of your apps.
  • You can whitelist and blacklist the apps depending upon your needs and accordingly stop them from working or leave them working in the background.
  • It can also work as a backup manager for your apps as well.

Check it out on

Smart Task Manager

Clean Master

Looking for extra features in your Android task manager app? One app that would blow off all the apps in this list is Clean Master.

Some of the functions that it excels with are

  • It offers you the basic task killing and smartphone optimization techniques.
  • You would also get the app lock features built within the tool. You should be able to lock all your apps with a password.
  • There is an additional antivirus feature to keep your Android device safer and secure.
  • It also comes with a host of features like Duplicate photo remover, and a game booster feature. That would be something an additional feature making it an excellent alternative.

Want to check out the free Android task manager, check out..

Clean Master

Super Task Killer

If your Android task manager itself is consuming the resources on your device, what purpose will it solve? Well, Super Task Killer is exactly the answer you would need to opt for. The best free Android Task Manager does not consume much space or resources on your device, yet perform in an excellent manner.

Here are the best features of the tool –

  • It has been rated as the lightest weight free Android task manager available.
  • It comes with a host of features.
  • The app is capable of enhancing the performance of your device by 50 percent.
  • You can specify certain times and the app killer will function at the specific time.

Want to know more about the Android Task manager par excellence? Here is the,

Super Task Killer

Go Cleaner and Task Manager

Launched by the Go Launcher team, the app should be your best bet for the best free Android task manager needs you may have on your Android device.

What does it specialize in? The list below should give an indication –

  • It is a full-fledged task manager for Android that should fulfill all your task management requirements on an Android device.
  • The slick and clear interface is what makes it an excellent choice.
  • It also packs in additional features like clearing cache, clearing browser history and boost phone performance.
  • You may also use it to get rid of the folders that are leftover when apps are uninstalled.

You may check the

Go Cleaner and Task Manager

Watchdog Task Manager

This is an option you can use to manage your Android memory management, but it may not be considered as a full-fledged Android Task manager app. It can be considered to be an app for monitoring the Android smartphone and that is what it does with an excellence.

Some of the features worth mentioning can be summed up as

  • It will monitor all the app activities on your Android in a continuous manner.
  • When it finds any app hogging your resources and behaving as a rogue app, it notifies you about the app. You can then decide to kill the app so as to keep your resources free.
  • The Pro version has a feature through which you can blacklist an app so that it can be killed as soon as you leave it.

The popular and best Android task manager app can be easily downloaded from

Watchdog Task Manager

SystemPanel Task Manager

The last in our list- but not necessarily least, SystemPanel Task Manager is an excellent Android task manager for your needs. It has gone quite popular with a considerably good number of Android users and has acquired a name for itself among the best Android task manager apps.

The features worth mentioning can be summed up as

  • The app has a top rating on Google Play Store and that should be an indication of its popularity and excellence.
  • It does come with a one-touch kill feature, thus making it one of the simplest options to kill the app in the background.
  • The interface is quite reminiscent of the sci-fi movie
  • It offers you a detailed report in the form of statistics, charts, and data with respect to the resources.
  • It will monitor your apps and notify you of any app behaving out of the way.

The app is available both in the free and paid versions and it should be up to you as to what would you opt for. Get a taste of the app on

SystemPanel Task Manager

Zapper Task Killer and Manager

The name itself should indicate what the app is capable of. You can use it to kill the app that is causing the issues on your Android device. Developed by Lookout Mobile Security which is one of the most popular Android Anti-Virus solutions, the app makes your device run faster.

Here are the features that would make it an excellent option –

  • The simple and easy to use interface is indeed quite excellent.
  • You can kill multiple apps in one go with the best in class Android task manager app.
  • The app offers you real-time charts indicating the resources being used by different apps.
  • You can whitelist the apps that you would not want to kill.


Before We Conclude…

Well, that was the consolidated list of our top ten picks for the best Android task manager apps for your requirements in managing tasks. We have made sure that we are listing only the genuine and efficient apps to the compilation. However, check if you really need to use any Android task manager on your Android smartphone.

Android Task managers can be necessary evil in many cases. In fact, using such an app may not be absolutely necessary if you are not facing any sort of memory related issue on your device. If you are on any of the latest versions of Android operating system, do note that most of them come with the default Android task manager built in and thus do not need a third party task manager as such. Also if your device comes with enough RAM capacity, it should be able to handle its tasks on its own.

In any case, if you are sure you need to use an Android task manager on your device – you can use any of the capable apps from the list here. If you are using any of them, you may share your thoughts about the apps with us.

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