In a need to buy the best trail camera? Then today I am here with a complete review of the product which is just amazing and supports all the impressive features. That amazing product is Crenova Distianert 16MP 1080P Trail Camera. Everything, every feature is just more than amazing of this device. It supports all the fantastic features.

And apart from the features, the things which attracted me the most is that this device is affordable as well as it’s attractive looks. One who is thinking to use a trail cam for the first time then for those this trail cam would be the best. Because it will provide you with all those features which the best game camera do and is also affordable.

Well, the models designed by Crenova are just amazing. This company is among the most trusted brands for producing the best wireless trail camera. And the product which I am going to review today is just fabulous. As you can check the ratings of this product on

This amazing has a full star rating. So you can very well imagine how fabulous this product would be. And after reading this article I am sure that you will feel like buying this product. Because the features which this best wifi game camera supports are just excellent. So let’s have a look at its features.

 Attractive Features Of Crenova Distianert 16MP 1080P Trail Camera

1. Picture Quality:

 The quality of the photos and videos which we are going to get with a camera is the first thing that everyone considers. Because if the camera cannot provide us with clear images and videos then it is of no use. But if we talk the camera quality of Crenova Distianert 16MP 1080P Trail Camera. Then I must tell you, readers, that this amazing device will give you 16MP crystal clear images and 1080P HD video with premium audio. So every time the camera will detect any motion, it will give you the clearer images and videos.

And with a 16MP camera, you can very well imagine how crispy and clear shots you are going to get. It will capture clear and colorful shots during the daytime and black and white in the nighttime. This gadget will give you the exact brightness, clarity, and colors you want. I can assure you that the quality of images and videos which you will get with the device will never disappoint you.

picture in night

This best trail camera also supports 47pcs IR LEDs. So with this advanced IR LEDs, the camera will be able to give clearer and sharper night shooting. And with the low glow IR technology, the camera will never make a bright flash. So animals will not get aware that their pictures have been clicked. And your device will capture all the rare views which a normal camera cannot. This amazing device will fulfill all the user’s expectations.

2. Detection Area:

The innovative detection sensor of the product will cover the 130-degree detection angle and 80ft detection range. So you can imagine how wider area this camera can cover to detect a motion. This best wireless trail camera will detect every single motion which will happen within the range of 80ft and 130-degree. And I think that this area is quite enough and impressive. An 80ft detection range is quite impressive. And with an 80ft flash range in the dark, the low-glow LED light will not disturb the wildlife when your device will work.

3. Trigger Time:

 Crenova Distianert 16MP 1080P Trail Camera has a 0.6 seconds trigger speed. So the camera will capture every single motion it will detect without any delay. Every breathtaking moment will get captured by this best wifi trail camera. And this camera comes with a multi-shot mode. It will take 3 pictures per detection. And the camera also has a 2.4″ LCD screen.

So you can simultaneously view the photos and videos on the screen of the camera itself. You don’t need to connect your device with other devices in order to preview the stuff. And as the camera will capture shots per detection so you can view all the shots in the camera. And can simultaneously delete the extra shots which are not needed. This is how the extra memory will also not get full of the memory card.

4. IP56 Waterproof Designing:

This best wireless trail camera comes with an IP56 waterproof designing. So your device will be able to work well even in the harsh conditions. As the camera can work even in the toughest weather conditions, so your device will capture all the rare shots for you which any other device cannot. So with this amazing device, you will have the shots of all the rare views.

waterproof design

Final Verdicts About Crenova Distianert 16MP 1080P Trail Camera

Well, these were the amazing and attractive features of this device. I hope you liked the article as well as the product. Well, I guess the product supports all the attractive features which can fulfill all the expectations of the user. And on this amazing product, Distianert service team provides 24/7 after sale service. So readers if you are really impressed with the product.

Then you should not delay, just visit and order the product. I am sure that after buying this device, you will be an ecstatic and very satisfied customer. And as the product is designed by the Crenova then you can easily trust the quality of the product.

Well, readers, it was all about the product. And now I would like to end up the article here. If you are left with any other queries then you can feel free to ask us. Thank You.

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