Fatal Flaw That One Should Avoid in Windows

Hello Friends, I will discuss Conman Fatal Errors Computers are getting updated day-by-day, and we need to keep the software, drivers and many other updated too.
Many of us quickly get panicked when we don’t understand things of Fatal Errors. For example: If someone who is not an expert in computers faced some error and had no idea what that failure means or how to solve it then he would have panicked over what to do now!

Well, here we bring you some of the standard Fatal Errors that if not corrected on time can become Fatal to the Windows and how to solve these mistakes or what can be done before it becomes fatal.

Here are some Fatal Errors that can harm your Machine.

1) Viruses
2) Damaged System Registry
3) Overheating
4) The Blue Screen of Death
5) Black Screen of Death
6) Error in RAM(Random Access Memory)
7) Corrupt Drivers
8) Hardware Errors
9)System Halted Error
10) Boot Error

1. Viruses

Let’s start first with the most common problem that could become fatal in not tended on time. The Virus. The first sign of Virus is the instability in your windows. with this Fatal Errors programs getting corrupted, data getting lost and all. Viruses slow down you’re and make it hard to start or restart.

Solutions: –

  • The most important answers for any Virus is the Anti-Virus. And that to not just any free Anti-Virus for the Internet.
  • Download the Paid Anti-Virus for the most secure protection to fix such Fatal Errors.

Sometimes even though having anti-virus, viruses still manage to get it. Here is what you should do.

  • Always keep the Anti-Virus updated.
  • Keep the Scan Scheduler ON. And set it on any day every week.
  • And don’t forget ABOUT the browser protection.

2. Damaged System Registry

Sometimes the software we download for the work can become a problem that could crash the Windows. Unstable or Non-Compatible software are some common issues that if not solved on time could Damage the System Registry and Crash the Windows. here you can fix your Fatal Errors with these simple steps.

Solution: –

  • Always check the if the Software is Compatible with your Windows.
  • Install a Cleaner to remove unwanted or duplicate files from the system.
  • Even when you uninstall software, they still leave some reference in the System Registry.
  • The cleaner would also eliminate these file from your Registry and to clean the harmful files that could damage the System Registry.

3. Overheating

Overheating is a major problem for most of the people using windows. Playing High-End games or using Professional level software make your PC overheat if it isn’t compatible or if your Computer has the Minimum Requirements to run it. Overheating could lead to a System Crash or may result in some parts being damaged.

Solution: –

  • Make sure that all the drivers are correctly updated and more importantly the recent ones.
  • If incorrect drivers are installed, then it could overheat the windows.
  • While running the software make sure that it has the minimum requirement.
  • If your windows have minimum requirement and you still want to run the Program, then you should install an extra fan to your CPU to reduce the temperature.

4. The Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death or Blue Screen or BSoD is a fatal error that could crash your system. Be it Older or Latest version of Windows; Blue Screen can happen it any of it. Regular apps won’t cause Blue Screen; this happens because of the faulty drivers and problems in the hardware.

Solution: –

  • Use system restores if the blue started happening recently. System Restore rolls back the software to its original form/version when it was installed.
  • Scan for Malware using Anti-Virus to make sure that it’s not causing the System Crash.
  • Update Installed Drivers. Incorrect drivers often cause the system Crash.
  • Reinstall The Windows. Performing a clean install is the safest option if you have a software related problem. If you are still getting Blue Screens, then it is a hardware related problem.

5. Black Screen of Death

Black Screen of Death is an error that happens after the System encounters Critical System Error. Getting Black Screen often cause the force shut down of windows which can be harmful to the Windows.

Solution: –

  • Disconnect all external devices and power cable. Hold the power button for 60 seconds to remove all the power from the system. After that again connect all devices and start the PC. If you are using a laptop, then remove the battery and follow the process.
  • Sometimes the Window just doesn’t detect your display. In this case, try waking the Screen Up. Press Windows key+ Ctrl+ Shift+ B in the keyboard to wake up the screen.
  • Go into the safe mode for troubleshooting to fix black screen.
  • If any of the above doesn’t work, try reinstalling Video Driver.

6. Error in RAM

Error in RAM often cause problems like Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen, Unexpected restart of the system, a Weird sound coming from the PC, Overheating, Power Flux, etc.

Solution: –

  • Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and diagnose the problem. If you find the problem is with the RAM Module, then you have to change it.
  • If the module is ok, then try to check the RAM slots.
  • Sometimes removing and putting the RAM back fixes the problem.
  • Also updating the BIOS can help set the RAM Errors.

7. Corrupt Drivers

Drivers are essential to relay the necessary information to the devices. Having install incorrect or unstable driver may cause the Windows to crash and also result in data loss. Incorrect driver sometimes leads to the Malfunction of the Windows.

Solution: –

  • Always before installing a driver check if it is compatible with your operating system.
  • If there is an error in the driver, then you can check which driver is faulty by going to the Device Manager. There you will find the Faulty driver has a ‘Yellow Exclamatory(!) mark’.
  • This issue can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling that driver with a stable one.
  • Also, keep the drivers updated to the most recent version.

8. Hardware Errors

The most common hardware problem is the fatal error happening due to the hardware error. This issue isn’t to be lightly taken; it is an emergency situation. This error means that your hardware is failing. Whatever may be the reason but it has the same solution.

Solutions: –

  • Go to Start and Right-Click on the Command Prompt.
  • Run it as an Administrator.
  • In the command prompt type CHKDSK /F and press Enter. This command will automatically fix the errors in the system disk.
  • After the process is complete, again type CHKDSK /R and press Enter. This command will start the scan for wrong sectors and attempt to recover it.

9. System Halted Error

Chassis Intruded! System Halted Fatal Error is the error that halts or freezes your windows when you turn ON the computer. This issue usually occurs because of the long-running of PC, viruses, tweaking or overclocking. This problem is mostly seen in the ASUS motherboard.

Solution: –

  • Check for the errors in the drivers.
  • In the command prompt type CHKDSK /F and press Enter. This command will automatically fix the errors in the system disk causing the freeze.
  • If possible save the data on disk, you are performing a check on another disc.
  • Because, if any wrong sector is found and they have memory in them, then it will be lost.
  • Also, perform a system check and try to run the windows in safe mode once.

10. Boot Error

While attempting to boot your windows, you could encounter this error represented by NTLDR which restrict the PC from starting up successfully. And this happens because of mistake in Boot Partition, Compressed BOOT.INI or fragmented BOOT.INI.

Solution: –

  • First of all, restart your computer.
  • After the restart, the screen will display the message saying ‘Please select an OS to start.’ If this message shows, then press F8.
  • You will be redirected to the Advanced Menu. From there select last best configuration, then select the operating system.
  • If nothing works, try reinstalling the Operating System.

Here I tried to share better and easy solutions of such as fatal error.

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