5 ways to Fix Belkin Range extender problems

Hello Guys,
in this post, we will try to explain problems related to Belkin range extender and their possible solutions.
we all know that Any range extender helps extends coverage for a wireless signal.

Note – Do remember you will need a base device such as Wireless router Or Router+modem for you to extend the wireless in the first place. With the help of Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender, we can easily expand our home network’s wireless reach up to 60 meters. here are a few issues that you might end up while installing, configuring Or Troubleshooting.

1. Incorrect wireless settings

unstable connection to the router is one of the major causes of slow or inconsistent wireless connection. it’s very important that you follow the correct steps to set up & configure Belkin range extender. for Perfect Belkin Extender Setup Please Visit Belkin.range setup

2. Distance issues or physical Obstructions

the wireless network may lead to low or poor signal with physical obstructions and distance. lists of common obstructions > Thick walls > glasses > mirrors > ceilings > metal objects If you have any of these objects between your range extender and router, consider relocating your router somewhere high or in an elevated area to get around the obstruction. wireless technology is radio-based, which means connectivity and they throughput performance between devices decreases when the distance between devices increases. connection speed may decrease as you move your computer farther from the range extender.
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3. Traffic in connected devices

since all your wireless devices are sharing the same network, check if you have another device that is generating a lot of network traffic that will compromise the performance of other devices on the network. Move high traffic devices closer to the range extender, or wire them to your router using an ethernet cable

4.Wireless interferences

neighboring wireless network or any appliance that operates on the same technology as your wireless devices may cause interference. to resolve this > change the wireless channels on your router. note: the preferred wireless channels to use are 1,6,11 since they are considered as a nonoverlapping channel.

5.Outdated firmware

Outdated firmware of the range extender can sometimes cause connection issues in your network. upgrade the range extender’s firmware, then power cycle it.

lets see if this works out to fix the extender problem

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