How To Fix:

Hello, friends Code 43 error will remove the USB controllers’ driver software. Whether this device is USB port, video card, hard drive or any hardware that connects externally to the system.

That affects the low-level programming which makes the hardware work for the system. You will see a pop-up message like “Error code 43: Windows has stopped this device”. The error generates when device manager stops a hardware due to windows reported it’s having some unspecified problem. with the help of some methods, one can fix code 43 error in Microsoft Windows.

Any Microsoft’s operating system from older version Windows XP to the latest version Windows 10 experiences this problem.

Reinstall the drive:

  • By uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the device is a hopeful solution for code 43 error. with help of reinstall, the device one can fix code 43 error in Microsoft Windows.
  • You have to uninstall everything under a universal serial bus if the device a USB device is generating the code 434 error.
  • This also includes any USB mass storage device, USB root hub, and USB host controller.
  • The drive should be properly reinstalled; this helps to remove the currently installed driver.
  • This will let the windows install it over again from scratch.

 Restart Your Computer:

  • You don’t need to reinstall everything for temporary problems.
  • Sometimes the error 43 you are seeing on a device was caused by some minor issues with the hardware.
  • If the error exists on the USB device, you have to turn off your computer completely and turn it on to correct code 43 errors.
  • For laptop users, you may have to remove the battery and, wait for a few minutes then put the battery back in and start the computer.

Update Your Drive For The Device

  • Another logical way to correct the code 43 error is by installing the latest drives for the device.
  • If this works it means the stored windows drivers you reinstalled are either damaged or were the wrong drives.

Update BIOS

  • Sometimes outdated BIOS could be causing a specific issue.
  • These issues deal with a device that is making it report an issue to windows thus the code 43 error.
  • You can update your BIOS to correct the errors.

Purchase Powered USB hub

  • If the code 43 error is showing up on a USB device it is better if you purchase a powered USB hub.
  • These types of specific errors occur because some USB devices need more power than the USB ports that are built into your computer can provide.
  • The error can be resolved by plugging those devices into a powered USB hub to solve that issue.

Hardware Replacement:

  • Replacing the hardware is the only logical step if the problem with the device itself might be causing the code 43 error.
  • Other ways are not much that device is undue with the current version of windows.


  • If you are sure that hardware isn’t causing the code 43 error, and still Fix Code 43 Error In Microsoft Windows, you could try a repair install of windows.
  • If that doesn’t help you, try a clean install of windows.