How to Fix Pogo Games Not Loading?

pogo game is considered the best online game platform, netizens tend to prefer pogo games rather than any other gaming website. There are times when you will face many problems in online gaming, be it loading problems, connectivity, or browser problems that can come between you and your happening gaming sessions.

Playing games in pogo can be hell frustrating when your fun stops in the middle, and pogo games do not work. Well, you need not worry now as we have listed all the common problems that might arise while you play in pogo games, and we too have solutions to it also just for you.

Common reasons why pogo games don’t load

The most common problem that pogo users face is not loading pogo games. There can be multiple reasons why it happens as it can occur because of the browser, JAVA, or adobe flash on which games usually run.  Well, one more reason why it doesn’t load is that your browser might not be compatible with supporting pogo games. We have jotted down things that you need to look down on when such a situation arises. 

Steps to fix not loading problem of pogo games

  • Clear browser cache and history
  • Restart your device
  • Try other browsers
  • Change screen resolutions
  • Update your JAVA or adobe flash
  • Disable pop-up blocker

There are some vital steps through which your problems related to Pogo games can be sorted out; let’s see in detail how these steps will work.

Restart devices

This is the easiest method through which you can resolve the loading issue; when you are not able to open pogo games, try reloading the page while pressing the shift key this way, your browser won’t look for caches and would load a fresh new page from the pogo web server. If this doesn’t work, try rebooting your system and see.

Clear browser caches and history

Clear your cache file as, at times, outdated cache files stored in the computer might create problems in loading pogo games. Clearing this and opening the browser again can resolve this. Another way to solve this problem is by clearing caches from JAVA and Flash, too, as they play a crucial role in pogo games.

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Using other browsers

If all the above-written solutions do not help you resolve your problem, then the only option you have is to shift from the current web browser to another. There is a fair chance that your web browser is not compatible enough to support pogo games. Therefore, changing it might help.

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Updating JAVA and Flash player

It is also possible that the problem is with JAVA or flash programs and not with your web browser; in this case, you have to update both of them one by one and restart your computer and see if the problems are gone; if not, try reinstalling both JAVA and flash.

Screen resolution changing

This is a rare problem in pogo games as computers these days support high resolution, yet some users can face such issues. In this situation is advised to keep the screen resolution between 1024*768 or 1152*62. If you are unsure, then do check the technical requirements of pogo games.

Pop-up blocker

If the pop-up window is disabled on your computer, you might face loading problems as most of the pogo games are loaded in the pop-up window. Therefore keep a check on your pop-up window. checkout more about how to remove pop-up blockers for pogo problems.

Still facing problems

If you still  facing problems in loading or playing games, then you can try these suggested steps: 

At times you are unable to see the entire screen of the pogo game in this circumstance you can set the resolution setting from a web browser Windows 10 users might face the problem of not being able to play java-based games from the start screen, then, switch to the desktop screen. you can always call Pogo phone number for help

This is the list of solutions that might resolve your problems in using pogo games. Why wait to go to and resolve the loading problem with  these methods and enjoy the games they offer,

We hope your pogo games loading issues have been solved; for more such information, stay tuned.

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