Google Wi-Fi system

Google Wi-Fi was launched and announced on 4th October, 2016 but was officially released in United States on 5th December, 2016. Slowly it starts getting released on every country and all over world.

It`s system is a new type of connected system which replaces your router and provides best speed and seamless coverage throughout the home.

It connects with all devices with fast signal in every room. With the help of Ethernet cable you need to connect with a modem for a Wi-Fi point.

Google developed a Google Wi-Fi which is a mesh-capable wireless router. Which changes the access point depend on the signal strength.

The technology used by Google Wi-Fi is mesh Wi-Fi technology. Every divice creates high power connection and when it is connected then best path is created.

Setting up Google Wi-Fi

There are few steps to setup the Google Wi-Fi and that steps are as follows:

  • In your home find the spot for Wi-Fi point but before that your primary Wi-Fi point should be connected with modem. Try to place Wi-Fi point in plain view.
  • After selecting the place then plug in your primary point and connect the provided Ethernet cable to the WAN port, on the other end connect to modem. Plug your Google Wi-Fi point with power outlet and blue color in the Wi-Fi point will highlight that Wi-Fi started working.
  • To access Google Wi-Fi so download their app on your android or iOS mobile device but this application is compatible on Android 4 and up or iOS 8 or above.
  • After you download the app sign in to your Google Account and connect with Google Wi-Fi point
  • Choose Wi-Fi points location in the application and after you chose the location then tap next
  • Now next step is to set up the Wi-Fi by creating the name for your network and create password and tap create.
  • If necessary set up additional Wi-Fi, select additional option and tap next. This work only when there is not more than 2 rooms. For this hold your phone and close your Google Wi-Fi point and tap Add Wi-Fi point and once it is done then tap Test Now to check the strength of Wi-Fi
  • Review your network after setup is done and you will see an overview of your Wi-Fi network
  • After setup is done then download and install software which includes latest features and security measures which will hardly take 10 minutes and then it will start and the light of Wi-Fi network will be solid teal.

These are the steps to configure and setup the Google Wi-Fi and your best speed internet easily.


It`s mesh-capable wireless router which was developed by Google and it provides enhanced Wi-Fi coverage. The reviews are positive due to its design, setup and performance. Wi-Fi can be purchased in single unit or in multi-pack. It switches between access points dependi