Trying to Perform Norton Setup using Product Key?

If you are trying to do Norton Setup, you are in the right place. In this post, we have discussed briefly How to Redeem Your Product Key And activate Norton Antivirus.

This Post will Guide You to do Norton Setup & its Installation After Activation.

Firstly You Need To Have A Norton account for managing Norton Services.

Creating Norton Setup Account :-

For managing Norton accounts downloads and services you need to have a Norton account. It is necessary to perform Norton Setup. Its easy, You can sign up for a Norton account. All you need to have is an email address.

Kindly Use your Email address to Sign up for a Norton account. Please visit Norton Account Sign Up.

After opening Norton account You can use your 25 digit activation code that you require To Redeem and do Norton Setup.

Activating The Norton Antivirus:-

If You are having the Retail Card with Activation Code kindly follow these steps to activate the Norton Antivirus:-

  • Open Browser And Type or visit
  • After this Norton Setup Login to your Norton Account that you have just Created. In case you Already have Norton account please use your Username and Password to log in to Norton account.
  • After login to your Norton account, you need to Redeem your 25 digit activation code.
  • Once Your Activation Card Has Been Redeemed You Can download the Norton Antivirus.
  • Visit My Account And Under Services You Can Download The Norton Antivirus.
  • Run The Norton Setup As You have to Download the Norton Software.
  • After installation kindly Restart Your computer And Update the Norton antivirus.

Beware Of Untrusted Websites:-

Friends, There are Many websites on the internet claiming to give you the right path to perform Norton Setup.

These Websites Use Phishing for Tricking You And Steal Your Activation Key. Sometimes they may Take your information Like email, phone number and address too.

Please Be Careful while you are searching for terms like –, login, sign in download,

 enter Norton product key, login,  Norton antivirus setup

This has led to be a serious Ongoing Issue  –

One Should Be Very Careful while Searching This Terms On the Internet.

The Fake Advertisers & Hackers Use these Keywords to Manipulate the users And Get their Information.

They even make you call them and trick you to pay somewhere between $300-$500 just for installing the product Which you have already Paid For.

I hope All This Information Helps you to Activate and Install the Norton Protection.