Why Do I Need to Keep Resetting My Router, I think, not you but most people are suffering from the router problems. Router Problems is not happened due to a single reason. Sometimes, Internet service provider does the changes of IP, Server, and Upgrade system. In a while, we do not access the internet properly. so we Need to Keep Resetting My Router, But some of the problems come at our side. Connection error is such a problem which can be due to any reason:

  1. Frequent change of IP address by the internet service provider and the router is not able to catch it on.
  2. Overheating
  3. Swamping due to too many connections or lots of downloading.

There is no pinpoint solution for so many reasons. So, the first step is to find out the cause. For this, find out, if router a real problem, or is it the modem or the internet provider.

To check this, plug the computer directly into the modem and check for any problem like connection drop, but this is possible only if the modem and router are separate, else it is not recommended. In case the modem is the cause root of the problem, consult modem manufacturer.

Let us discuss various reasons for router related issues and get solutions accordingly:


See if the router is placed in some bound area, it is causing the heating up of the router, so we Need to Keep Resetting My Router.

Solution: keep the router in some open, raised and fully ventilated place.

Firmware Update-

Check that the router firmware is updated.

To do this:

  • Open router configuration page with the help of the router manual and check for current version available.
  • Use The Default Gateway for Router to Login the Dashboard. Mostley Default Gateways are in a Private  Ip Form such as Or
  • Go to the support page of router manufacturer site, find your router and opt for the download page.
  • If the version is updated than its fine, else download it according to the instructions.

Rebooting after the updating may solve the issue.

Third Party Firmware

In a few cases, if the manufacturer’s firmware is not up to the mark, then free third-party firmware can be the answer. There are many options like DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and Tomato. Their scheduled rebooting will save you from manually rebooting the router.

For this to work out, do check the compatibility of the firmware and the router.

Limited File Sharing Connections

Bogging of the router with heavy downloading can cause the up said problem. There are many applications which makes multiple connections at a time to enhance the download speed, leading to router stagnated and needs to reboot, be Need to Keep Resetting My Router.

Limiting the download speed or nipping the number of connections by changing the settings can solve the problem.

Outlet Timer

Use a timer to reboot the router once a day when it’s not in use so that it’s not to be done manually and solves many of the problems.

Buying A New Router

If none of the above solutions work then opt for a new one from a reputed store. Try and find the most popular and high rated router as it’s firmware is frequently updated and the also have compatible third-party firmware.