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Cinemas are a matter of what is in the frame and what is out.” – Anonymous

Importance of movies

It is rightly said that cinemas are one of the best communication channels which can depict various aspects of the society which is otherwise too difficult to be transported to different and remote areas. Movies are a reflection of society. It frames the outside concept in the inside of a theme to project the message to the larger audience. It is a field of art that has no boundaries yet takes care of different emotions of every sector it displays.

Cinema is also the source of filling the empty gaps and loneliness in one’s life and give them the motivation to do better. It is a point of intersection between the visible and the Invisibles of the world at large. You can keep on adding the features of cinema as it is so huge and vast which deals with almost all phases of cinematography.

Therefore, we have prepared a brief “how-to-guide” which can help you find ways to watch the new and latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies online. While watching a movie in theatres has its own charm, there is also a different feeling attached when you can watch a movie online at your own comfortable space.

Read on to know the ways to watch a movie online.

Best Platforms to Watch Movies Online

There are many websites and channels online which offer you to watch a Hollywood or a Bollywood movie either for free or by charging a nominal fee. Here are some of the ways by which you can binge-watch all your favorite movies online and have a gala movie time –

  1. Online streaming platforms – You can watch both Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies on an online streaming platform. These are the most preferred options by many people who love to watch movies and have a break once in a while. It gives you various options to choose from based on different genres, actors or actresses, etc. Some of the platforms also offer to watch a movie with just a single click without the need of using your credit card information or even the registration process. These are also functional on any device with a particular web browser as well. However, it is not an easy task to find a legitimate platform in the first place.

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These platforms rely on third-party servers that host the content for such websites. This gives it a legal touch as well, in case you wish to see your favorite movie.
In case you are a big Bollywood fan, then you can select a platform amongst the ones mentioned below –

Top 5 platforms for movies:

  • Yuppflix– This site allows you to see movies, as well as Hindi Tv, shows on mobile or desktop or any other device as well. It has every kind of genre to suit each type of user. The content is also available with English subtitles too. It gives you a free trial for around 14 days and then you can enjoy the services and catalog of Bollywood movies by paying an economical fee.
  • Hindi Movies Online – This website gives you access to all the latest Bollywood movies to stream online. It has a very good update section which adds at least one new movie every day. So all the big buffs of Bollywood can certainly try this platform to choose from hundreds of different movie options. Few of the movies are also available in HD quality to give you an overall experience of watching a movie in a theatre.
  • Hotstar- It is a platform that lets you view hours of drama and movies in almost 17 different languages. Sounds amazing right? Well, you can use it and then believe it yourself! It is a website that was launched by Star India, one of the most famous and renowned media conglomerates of India. It can be used on Android, iOS, web, Apple Tv, etc. devices. However, if you are staying in Europe you will need to secure a VPN service to get an Indian IP address and then avail the services of Hotstar India.
  • BoxTv– BoxTv is another online streaming platform which has a number of movies to choose from. However, it can be used only by the people living in certain areas like India, Singapore, UK, UAE, USA. in case you do not belong to these regions, you will have to secure a VPN service on-demand, or you can also use Private Internet Access starting with a minimum amount.
  • YouTube – When there is a discussion about online streaming platforms to watch a movie, either Hollywood or Bollywood or any other, Youtube is the most preferred by millions of people. While some of the movies are available free of cost, you have to pay a reasonable amount to watch the other few ones. Some of the channels on Youtube may have older movies without copyright, but others may also have the latest additions of the stock of movies.

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  1. Registrations on different torrentsBesides watching a movie on an online platform, you can also register yourself on any of the reliable torrents. These torrents are highly loaded with content with no ads or pop-ups to disturb you in between the climax scenes of the movie, unlike the experience when you opt to stream online. Also, it is free from malicious links which adds up to the advantage of registering on a torrent. If you have a good Internet connection and 5.1 speakers at your home, then you can experience the home theatre feeling of watching a movie in high-resolution quality.

The go-to torrent:

One such torrent is Desi Torrent which lets you watch almost all kinds of movies. It is a private torrent tracker that has different categories of movies to suit each kind of viewer. However, the only main disadvantage of this torrent is the complicated registration process. It allows new users only at a certain period of the year. In case you wish to register on the torrent, you will need to navigate to the visual ping website and enter to proceed further. After the initial snapshot, change the size of the box to include all the webpage content. Enter the email address and begin the free monitoring. Once you are ready to begin, Visual Ping will send you an alert by detecting the changes and lets you create your user account. Websites Groups Like Movierulz do the same thing,

So enjoy torrent services.

  1. How can we forget Netflixing– When there is a talk about watching the latest movies online, there has to be the mention of Netflix which is rapidly gaining popularity. Ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood and even the original movies, it has the most sort out content for the viewers. It offers a free 30 days trial and then you can avail of the services by paying a different amount for the different packages you choose. It gives the option of Basic, Standard and Premium membership. The vast library of movies, web series or shows is the main contributor for making it a gold standard in streaming.
  2. Amazon is everywhere, and so is Amazon Prime Videos– The only big competition for Netflix is the Amazon Prime Videos which has its own shows, movies, and series just like Netflix. Amazon is taking it big and spreading its presence in almost every sector, be it apparels, electronics, furniture, grocery or entertainment industry. And when you have access to the Internet and an Amazon Prime subscription, your life is good! It offers a 30 days free trial and then can continue by paying a reasonable amount to stream online Hollywood or Bollywood movies. The only concern with Amazon is it might get a little clumsy or difficult to navigate between the menus.
  3. MoviesJoy – It is a popup and ad-free online movie streaming platform. It provides large categories of movies as well as series so that you can watch any of them for free. It does not ask for any kind of registration nor the need for downloading. It allows you to explore and view movies of any genre based upon the region or IMDB rating. It comes under the top lists of online platforms to watch movies that are free.

Concluding Words

Now that you are familiar with the ways to watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies online, you can begin your binge watch and enjoy the “me-time” in a comfortable surrounding. After all, there must be a break from your work life to recharge yourself up and do better in further times. While some can go out for a vacay, you can also binge watch new movies with some of the brilliant concepts and real-life stories as well.

So what more are you waiting for? Prepare your list of movies and let go through different characters while you watch them. Give yourself this movie treat and let the show begin!

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